Make your own opportunities

Is it chance, biology, opportunities, context, race, sex…that determine success? Could it be something internal rather than external?
Clearly all of the before mentioned play a role in how quickly a person reaches their goals and once there, how they maintain.
However, contrary to popular rhetoric it’s not any of these that mark the difference, rather mindset and attitude.
Research and general observation indicate that persons with grit, resilience and a forward-thinking mentality tend to outperform the rest. It boils down to mental attitude.


Critical thinking: What seems like a basic skill that should be taught in schools and every adult fluent in, couldn’t be further from reality. The ability to evaluate an argument, situation, proposition or anything else with its pros, cons, inconsistencies and facts should be practiced daily. Ask more questions, research using diverse sources, stay curious and assume everyone is wrong at least in part, you included.

Common denominator: Many years ago chatting with an artist friend over drinks. He was sharing his conclusions on lessons learned on relationships.

At the time, he was in his early forties. He called it common denominator. As he reflected on his relationships’ plusses and minuses, he determined that he was the common denominator in all of them. His logic was accurate. We are our life’s story common denominator. Thus, to see different outcomes we must change first. It all starts with us. Taking ownership of our part and power to change is pivotal for any long-term success and happiness.
Reflection. Introspection, reflection and any other activity that takes into account events up to the present moment are essential to balance and well-being. It seems that one of the hardest things in life is knowing what we want. People follow norms, dogma, social policies for years without reflection on how they want to live their life.
Destination. What do you want? Where do you want to go? How do you want to live? During your lifetime, what stories do you wish to tell? What will others say about you once you’re gone? What do you dream about? It’s hard to reach a goal or destination without one in mind. This applies to all aspects of life. Consider the questions before outlined to at least have an idea of where you don’t want to go.


The fact is that you hold the power to define your opportunities. With healthy doses of creativity, consistency and discipline most anything can be attained.

Sometimes though, we can all use support to keep us on task, help us see other points of view and bring to bear new tools to open new dimensions of ourselves. Our team brings the full arsenal to make the transition to your future state as productive, transparent and measurable as possible. With extensive experience working with executives and entrepreneurs to help each consider the interrelated elements that play a role in their well-being and ultimately impacting their businesses and relationships. 

The Pretzel Happiness Methodology® guides our process and discussions. It forces a vision that is inward outward, while working four key areas: body, mind, heart and spirit. Each area has several components that can serve to either hamper growth or propel it forward. Every client is different and so are the goals, thus our plans are tailored to those specific objectives marked by the client. A sample of the range of services available: bespoke advisory plans, leveraged equity loans, organizational analysis, and financing

Since we know that it’s not chance, biology but rather mindset and attitude that mark all the difference, don’t put off your best life yet. Reach out for a free consultation and let’s draw that new future together. We become the stories we tell ourselves, so what stories are you telling? Is it time to start a new one? Let’s all do our part to bring out our best version and thus a better world for all.


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