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What’s the next level in your career? Relationships? Health? Happy with where you are at, excellent. What will you need to do to maintain that level? We provide advisory services to executives, companies in transition, and individuals committed to being more. The Pretzel Happiness Framework ® gives clients a full analysis of where they are. The framework covers the body, mind, emotions, and spirituality to draw a complete picture of the person to evaluate the areas that need more reinforcement and synergies to draft the best plan of action towards the established goals.

Attainment of any goal represents a change or transition, we specialize in giving tailored support to make that transition as smooth as possible. Through a consultative process, the client can reflect on the highest impact goals that will have a transversal effect on other areas of their life in record time. Your best life is not a distant dream, it can be a reality with the right combination of discipline and consistency, a worthwhile why, and adequate support.

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