Real. Raw. You.

A course designed to unveil the real you to have fuller relationships.

Working from the soil, the real you, to drive lasting results.


End the bad patterns and start having the relationships you deserve. Working from the inside out, you’ll see results like never before.

Architect Success in Your Relationships with the CRUDO 6-Week Course

CRUDO is a 6-week course designed to help you architect success in your romantic and all relationships. The premise is to begin with you and your needs, motivations, and goals. As you are the soil that gets added to the garden of any relationship, the richer the soil, the better relationships result.

The course is a mobile app to everywhere with you.



What you’ll learn in this course: 
-	The relationship cycle 
-	Keys to improving your: 
o	Communication 
o	Conflict resolution 
o	Sexual satisfaction 
o	Meeting new people 
o	Deeping existing relationships 
o	Saying goodbye
-	Tips on enlarging your social circle 
-	Caring for yourself 
-	Exploring your preferences 
-	Dating best practices 

Unleash your FULL POTENTIAL with C R U D O

Don’t wait. The life you’ve dreamed of can be yours.

C R U D O Plans



Full 6-week course

6-month access

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Seed plus

12-month access

Pretzel Happiness ebook

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Sprout plus

Lifetime access

Pretzel Happines signed copy

5-day ad-hoc intensive