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01. Holistic

Life is multifaceted hence solutions should also reflect that reality. The team has developed the Pretzel Happiness ® methodology serving as the first assessment of the client. It takes into account the body, emotions, mind and spirituality of the person. At times, there is resistance to having
such a global view, but in little time it become evident the relevance of all the areas and how each plays a role in goal attainment.

02. No-nonsense

This guarantees customers that they will say things as they are and not as they want them to be. In an era of hyper political correctness, passive aggressiveness and empty platitudes, they strive to be respectful but direct to help save client’s time and money. Moreover, this approach aims at delivering the hard reality even if difficult or unpleasant precisely because it’s so rare to find in the current climate. If they are not the firm for a particular challenge, the client knows right away in order to help him/her find the professional that is best suited for their needs. They respect their time and that of their customers.

03. Common Sense

Common sense is basic but seldom used and increasingly rare to find. Their approach with clients of all walks of life and business sectors is to foster the use of this trait. In doing so, they help customers to see the problem from different points of view and to take a myriad of factors into consideration. Strengthening the observation and reflection capacity of each person enables for faster resolutions and more long-term results.

Proven Success


TLJ Group is a boutique consulting firm focused on holistic advisory services. The team provides three concrete services available to individuals and organizations that include leveraged equity loans, advisory services and the TLJ podcast.
Although the Group was formally constituted in late 2020 the team has over a decade of experience helping clients reach their goals in all aspects of life and business. The group was formed to give more structure and strategic focus to the services that were already
being provided through contractual projects.  





They are based in Madrid, Spain yet have a global footprint from the experience gained in various projects across all continents. Their hallmarks are common sense, a holistic approach and a no-nonsense philosophy. They are advisors helping clients create their solutions to the challenges facing them. Their role is to provide the support and perspective each needs to not only find answers but remain successful in the long run. Success is not a destination rather a journey characterized by growth.
Recent clients represent the following sectors: artificial intelligence, virtual reality, circular economy, silver economy and ecommerce.
The services are designed to help people live their fullest lives thus improving systems and creating a more prosperous world for all.


What We Do Best


A team of experts to provide you holistic solutions for the challenges in business and in life.


Whether it is time to grow, downsize or attempt to maintain, having an X-Ray of the entity is vital. Know where you are to chart a path forward.


In business and personal matters, everything starts with you. A complete picture of your situation enables better and long-lasting solutions.


Stock loans powered by Stone Creek Global, the leading private lender in the space, provide unlimited liquidity to individuals and companies.


CrowdPoint puts users at the forefront of disrupting the current surveillance capitalism model, allowing users to take back ownership of their data.


Need assistance with funding? Our team of experts helps entities find diverse financing options.


A Team Of Professionals

Steph Melenciano

Organizational psychologist, business operations consultant and sex therapist

With over a decade of experience. Her broad approach to problem solving yields extraordinary results both in the professional and personal space.
Services may be provided directly by her or by the network of subject matter experts equipped to provide the highest quality service to the end client. TLJ Group collaborates with SCG as a broker and has seen firsthand the benefits of this product in its clients.


Broad Alliances to Provide Better Services

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