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There are more components to your well-being than are often taken into account. Pretzel Happiness does just that, it includes the elements that contribute to your (w)holistic wellbeing. An easy guide on how to improve those parts of your life to live a life 10/10.

Sex, money, and power. They are necessary elements for our well-being that are often lacking or are imbalanced. How can one nicely have them? Is it possible? How are they interconnected? These are some of the questions that are explored in the book. The ways that the body, heart, mind, and spirituality are intertwined are like a pretzel. What does sleep have to do with money, your relationships, or your life purpose? Much more than meets the eye.

In this book, the author walks us through a novel framework, even though its origins date back millennia. This curious and entertaining approach helps us to find our balance and to flourish. If everything is connected, it is time to look at and evaluate wellness with new eyes. Many surprises and tips await you here, but above all an honest look at your latent potential. Dare to discover it!


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“Pretzel Happiness is a refreshing take on self-help literature, offering practical advice with a light-hearted touch. Stephanie presents a delightful blend of wisdom and wit, guiding readers through the journey of finding happiness in everyday life.”

Madrid | Spain

“Pretzel Happiness” is a delightful read that manages to be both insightful and entertaining. Whether you’re looking to boost your mood, cultivate gratitude, or simply navigate life’s ups and downs with a smile, this book offers a roadmap to greater happiness and fulfillment.”

Amsterdam | Netherlands


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