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Cybersecurity for the average Joe

What worries you? What are your priorities? Where do you want to be in a year or two? These are all common and good questions to ask frequently to ensure your life and the subsequent actions are leading you to where you want to go. By asking myself these questions, I...

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Make your own opportunities

Is it chance, biology, opportunities, context, race, sex…that determine success? Could it be something internal rather than external? Clearly all of the before mentioned play a role in how quickly a person reaches their goals and once there, how they maintain....

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Preparing for the unknown

The classic book by Dr. Spencer Johnson is a go-to for transitions of all types. Covid-19 represents one of the most notable changes on a global scale in at least 100 years. It has put life on hold for some and accelerated it for others. Regardless of the effects of...

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