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SCG is the leading provider of non-recourse stock loans globally. We have over a decade of experience serving clients and companies with their funding needs. Almost all major Stock Exchanges are accepted as well as borrowers from around the globe. Reach out to find out if your securities qualify. There are 0 upfront costs. Factors that make this unique are that they are a non-recourse loan. In other words, the customer can walk away from the loan at any time and the only loss to him/her is the stock. The securities are the only guarantee for the loan, thus the only liability. Furthermore, to qualify there are:

– No credit reviews

– No personal guarantees

– No personal income statements

– No business statements

– No business income to get a loan

There are no upfront fees, and the client can decline the transaction at any point prior to receiving the wire transfer into their account.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is SCG?

SCG is a BVI Private Capital Firm with a worldwide footprint and the leader as a direct lender in the international stock loan space through our integrity in lending. We offer the widest variety of stock loan and securities-based financing solutions in the industry providing our clients with fast financing specific to their needs.

What is a non-recourse stock loan?

A non-recourse stock loan is a loan against a security. As it is non-recourse you can walk away from the loan at any time without incurring additional losses since the only collateral is the stock. There are many benefits to a non-recourse stock loan including NO personal credit check, NO personal income statements, NO personal guarantee and many more. Furthermore, the loans are available for individuals and companies.

What is the maximum loan amount?

Unlimited, there is no maximum loan amount. Most loans start at $1,000,000.

Is this a death spiral loan?

No, as the loan is non-recourse in the event that the stock price drops or you decide to walk away from the loan, the only collateral at play is that which was pledged for the loan, nothing else.

What’s the fee to see if I qualify?

Free, there are 0 upfront fees in our loan process, and you can walk away at any point prior to your loan wire being sent.


Most stocks qualify with three unique loan programs:

1) Penny stock/Emerging Growth stock priced under $1.00 with normal trading volume

2) Non-Marginable stock priced $1.00 to $5.00 with normal trading volume

3) Marginable stock priced $5.00+ with normal trading volume

We lend against free trading securities traded on most domestic and foreign exchanges. Follow this link to see the exchanges that are supported.


With an 8 to 15-minute call we can walk through the relevant information to return you a term sheet on your stock. You can schedule a time or contact us with your availability.

Is the transaction confidential?

Yes, as we are a Private Lender the transaction is completely confidential and not subject to public disclosures.

How soon will I get my funds?

Funding is typically within two weeks or less.


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