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Through the Advanced Medicine Marketplace (powered by Blockchain Ecosystem) you gain access to ethically sourced products, support small business owners, and secure your digital identity. Sounds too good to be true? It’s real, join the revolution.


Ideal for product owners that want to make it available to the masses. There are 11 exchanges, where do your products fit?


Ideal for those that want to resell vetted products. Easiest way to get started as a micropreneur.


Provide support to distributors and resellers in delivering excellent products and service.

blockchain + you

An brief overview of how this technology will revolutionize

businesses and individuals. 

Health products

Vetted products, sustainable, ethically sourced, all natural ingredients, and supporting small business owners.









What if your everyday purchases not only aligned with your values, but also protected your digital identity? Through the Blockchain Ecosystem you’ll be able to get a great value while transforming your identity into a decentralized identity (dID). dID returns individuals the power of how and when their identity is utilized.


Buying quality products has never been easier.

frequently asked questions

Answers to the most common questions.

What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a distributed digital ledger that stores data in an inmutable manner. Blockchain technology reduces the amount of fraud because of its real-time recording of data and the unchangeable nature of the ledger once the transactions have been recorded.
This technology has five underlying tenets:
    • A distributed database — information is not stored in a centralized database and no one computer or organizer can own the chain
    • Peer-to-peer transmission of information — information and communication is shared directly between peers and not through a “central node:
    • Transparency through pseudonymity — transactions only occur between blockchain addresses, which consist of 30+ alpha-numeric characters and can be either anonymous or used as a proof of identity
    • Immutable records — data cannot be altered because they are linked to every transaction in an open-source and irreversible chain
    • Computational logic — this digital leger can be automated to trigger transactions between nodes (computers or servers)

What services are available through the Cyber Security Exchange?

CPeX delivers managed privacy services using cybersecurity, AI, and physical monitoring technologies.
CrowdPoint’s Cyber Privacy Exchange (CPeX) is the world’s 1st cyber privacy provider.
CrowdPoint Technologies provide on-demand technical support and world-class solutions to protect the privacy and security of you, your loved ones and your business.
The Cyber Privacy Exchange leverages its digital platform app that connects our gig economy agents, brokers, and technicians with consumers and small to medium businesses to deliver digital and physical security solutions.

What is CrowdPoint Technologies?

CrowdPoint is a Blockchain Ecosystem Digital Platform provider powered by Big Data, AI, and Compaction technologies. Every one of our Exchanges offer: Performance, Protection, and Privacy.
CrowdPoint offers a tangible and effective Blockchain Ecosystem strategy and technology.
With blockchain, we can build new kinds of market platforms that are collectively owned by the participants. … In a blockchain ecosystem exchange, all participants can also observe the entire state of the market at any time, as opposed to in a proprietary platform, where only the platform owner has the full overview.

What does CrowdPoint Technologies do?

CrowdPoint provides technology to protect your digital and physical risk. For homes and families we provide specialized child privacy protection, personal cybersecurity and technology repair and installation.
CrowdPoint’s NoWare™ technology reduces your attack surface and exposure and delivers virus immunity.  
NoWare™ prioritizes alerts to expert analysts for investigation in our security operations centers.
Combining AI technology with analysts, CrowdPoint delivers both technology and the customer service to ensure total threat detection, privacy management and immediate responses.
CrowdPoint is here for one mission: to defend the human right of privacy.

What is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT)?

Characteristics of Non Fungible Tokens (NFT’s):
  • NFT’s are indivisible: Unlike traditional crypto currencies that can be divided into fractions of coins, NFT’s live as a whole item
  • NFT’s are indestructible: All NFT’s are stored on the blockchain via smart contracts which means that each token cannot be destroyed, removed or replicated
  • NFT’s ownership is immutable 
  • NFT’s are verifiable: Storing historical data ownership on the blockchain is another benefit to track the original creator, which allows authentication without the need for third party verification.

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