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Our methodology provides laser focus on areas of your business and life that need most support in order to reach your goals and objectives. Through our system your time will render better results to enable you to reach your targets in record time, but more importantly help you maintain the ground gained. A holistic model to treat all the areas of life.

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Every business and situation is unique. Whatever your timeline and objectives, tailor your plan to your preferences, budget and demands. What are your current priorities? Financing, staff development, change management…

Knowning where you are is crucial to charting a path forward. Our team will help you have a clear reading on your current situation to then set measurable and attainable goals.

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Business Consulting

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Change management

Organizational analysis

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Debt restructuring

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What Makes Us Different

Our trademarked methodology plus tailored support from leading experts is the difference between short bursts and lasting results. Exceed your expectations.

Holistic performance analysis

In business and personal matters, everything starts with you. A complete picture of your situation enables better and long-lasting solutions.

Organizational analysis

Whether it is time to grow, downsize or attempt to maintain, having an X-Ray of the entity is vital. Know where you are to chart a path forward.


A team of experts to provide you holistic solutions for the challenges in business and in life.

Access to unlimited liquidity

Stock loans powered by Stone Creek Global, the leading private lender in the space, provide unlimited liquidity to individuals and companies.

From Our Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

Their unique approach to problem solving and looking at the world enables them to help draw out the best of clients thus empowering them to craft their most innovative solutions. Furthermore, since reaching a goal is only part of the equation, the other challenge pertains to maintaining and improving upon achievements. They look at the long view of life from the perspective of the whole person. The Pretzel Happiness ® methodology gives the client a full view of their situation and key areas that can be improved upon to increase overall quality of life.

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